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Make Your School Digital with New Session 2017-18

eSkoool is now one of the best school management software in India and some other countries, We are offering Some Discount to schools from New Session. any school who want to use our software we will give them 30 days free trial after that only Rs.12499 Per Session. we are also offering free SMS and Mobile Applicaion for students.

Schools who want to make their school digital and paperless can start using our software and see the difference.

Our Best support ensure your sooftware working easy and smooth.


eSkoool on Play Store

Download Mobile App for Students of eSkoool available on Play Store

School Management Software App for Students

Importance of Social Media in Education

Social Media is in relevance today with the abilty to connects one to many. in education social media plays an important role. there are several educational groups on facebook and various twitter account by experts, many groups share important information day to day which is benificial for the students to aware about the latest trends about education.

 Students can get relevance information according to their interest. You tube is very benificial for the students to learn what they want, blogs are also help to get latest knowledge in particular topics.


School Management Software

Benifits of Push Notification in School Management Software

School Management Software

eSkoool already launched Mobile Application for Students where they can view Attendance, Homework, Time Table, Circular, Fees Details,Request a Leave, View Results,Check Notification etc. all the updates goes to  students dynamically.

Here Admin Can Send Any Number of Notification to their Students For Free. Notification will like SMS and Display on the Phone Dashboard even on Lock Screen. this service is free of cost.

Send Instant Notification form eSkoool


Try our School Management Software Demo Today

Try Our eSkoool School Management Software Demo to Check Features and Functionality . and we Will Provide you 60 Days Free Trial.

Admin Login Teacher Login Student Login

User : admin

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Some Reasons How School ERP makes you Future Ready

1. Parents are incresingly involved in the activities of thier childs schooling. eSkoool allows parents to access thier child academic records any time anywhere, enableing them to make education more efficient.2. Incresing student experience by sharing all the updates by instant notification, messaging, email.3. Effective course management4. Easy Fees Management in eSkoool will make the fees taking easy for school accountants, parents can also track the fees status of school with complete record digitally.5. Robust School Administration in eskoool, with the help of our software every admin work will goes easy and paperless

School Management Software

How eSkoool Serve Teaching Staff

Through the rich features of our School Management Software, we have helped several schools and institutes teachers to manage their work in efficient way.  Through our system, teacher can manage all work like attendance, time table, student exam marks easily on tips. if any parent want to check thier ward academic records then teachers can give all information on single click.

Teaches can take attendance on their mobile app and instant message shoot to parents mobile number on submit. all the task is easy for teachers.



School Management Software

Features Must Need in School ERP

Most of the Schools using School Management Software are still not happy with the features. to Make the School Digital a School ERP Must have the following Features

1. Admission Management: Both Online and Offline Admission process must present in the software

2. Student Profile Management: to manage /Search/ Update/ View Complete Profile on single click

3. User Role and Rights: thi feature is must for every erp where admin can assign different permission to different user according to their work for easy and smooth fair working of ERP.

4. All Academic Master Settings: required to manage all class, batch section, subjects, sessions, assign subjects etc

5. Staff Management: HR Management is required for every school to calculate salary with details and easy staff management

6. Time Table: also must needed feature for school for maintaining school time table for smooth working.

7. Attendance Management: Both Staff and Student attendance management is required by every schools. so its really need in software

8. Fees Management: Top Priority feature for a school, software should help school to make easy flow of fees management. reports is also required

9. Accounts Management: all Income Expense and day book management

10. Custom Reports: Eery school required different report format for their school. so software should have to provide custom reports.

11. Mobile Application is also required in todays digital world, for Student and staff to stay up to date with school alwasy anytime anywhere

Benifits of taking school fees online

Most time consuming and difficult task for school management and accounts department to manage fees of students. we are providing fees taking features online where parents gets notified automatically about their student dues and they can pay online as well at anytime with the help of payment gateway.

All the work related to fees can be managed online without any tension. all records is safe on cloud.

Start your free trial with eSkoool and feel the difference.


Make Your School Work Digital in New Year 2017

Most of the schools are not using any school management software right now in most of the countries. we are providing opportunity to schools to make their school digital with the help of our software.

Most of the standard features is already present in the school management software we have, but if any school want custom feature according to their need, we are ready to serve them also.

Valuable suggestion are always invited for new features..